Seedri Puhketalu

Horsa, Rõuge vald
Puh.:+3725226396; +3725062280


Seedri Puhketalu is a pleasant place for refreshing holidays in the wild and
wonderful nature and has great opportunities for getting rid of work and everyday

From spring 2008 we offer accommodation in a recently renovated holiday-house and saunahouses which. There are 41 sleepingplaces in the main cottage and 10 in one of the saunahouses. VIP sauna is comfy for 3-4 people.
Holiday-house has a cozy fireplace room which is appropriate for seminars, as well as ceremonial events (up to 100 people).

Seedri Puhketalu is located in the Horsa village, Rõuge borough, Võru county. This century-old farm was first mentioned in archival documents in 1860. One of the first Estonian model horticultural farms was once located here. The very first car in the Võru county was owned by Jaan Udras, the host of the farm. People were engaged in fishing during the days of sovkhoz.

Keevlätte spring is on our territory. According to the legend, the water in the spring has healing powers.

We offer accommodation in a recently-built guesthouse and saunas , all furnished by Võru Seeder. There are 41 beds in the guesthouse and 10 beds in a sauna. The Lux sauna is cosy for three people. In total, we offer accommodation for 51 people. Our guests can also use the conference hall (has a fireplace), where they can have parties or business meetings as well as other formal events for up to 100 person. Also 4 bathrooms + 1 in the Lux suite. In addition to that, a modern-furnished kitchen (electric cooker, refrigerator, microwave and other necessary appliances and kitchenwares) is at the guests disposal.

We offer excellent opportunities for hosting a variety of outdoor activities. Guests can spend time grilling meat or fish on open fire while enjoying the sound of water running and birds singing. On a rainy day, the grillhouse is available. In summer, you can enjoy swimming in our small man-made lake.

Our guests can rent our Finnish sauna as well as the barrel bath. There is a cosy room with a fireplace in the sauna, which is perfect for a smaller group. For romantics and people looking for more extreme sauna experiences, we recommend the barrel bath, where you can admire the gorgeous starry night sky with a glass of good wine.

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